Which ‘Cousin Spouses’ Movie Stars Have Sold Their Las Vegas, Nevada Homes?

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The movie movie stars of “Sister spouses” have remaining vegas for Flagstaff, AZ. however their estate that is real has blended results available on the market.

The TLC truth tv program follows the exploits of Kody Brown and their four “sister spouses” whom inhabit a polygamist relationship with their combined 18 young ones. While moving to a different state is obviously stressful, numerous spouses and domiciles to market adds much more complexity.

Earlier in the day into the 12 months, we stated that the four wives ( a person is Brown’s legal spouse, the rest of the three are their wives that are spiritual had put their domiciles available on the market. Therefore, 6 months later on, exactly exactly just how have actually they fared?

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The gated community the wives lived in had just nine lots, hill views, and comparable flooring plans. The task then had been that nearly 1 / 2 of the lots became available across the exact same time—all at similar rates.

In March, Brown utilized a few of their celebrity capacity to make an effort to improve product sales, making a promotional vid for the next open house.

“You might have seen my children on tv,” he claims into the v >

Listed here is how a four houses currently build up.

The gated cul-de-sac in Las vegas, nevada where in fact the “Sister Wives” stars utilized to reside

Janelle’s home had been sold for $575,000

Janelle Brown slashed the price tag on her home to shut the offer in April. She bought the true house in 2012 for $443,700. The six-bedroom, 4.5-bath house was listed for $649,000 in 2018, then paid down to $599,000 at the start of the 12 months. The price that is last, to $574,900, finally did the secret.

The 4,238-square-foot house has a huge kitchen area with granite counters, a master suite with spa shower, and covered patios.

Meri’s listing had been taken from the market

It appears to be like Meri Brown has drawn her listing through the marketplace for now. The “contemporary architecture” provides “breathtaking” hill views, a “spectacular” flooring plan with five beds and 3.5 bathrooms, customized features, a chef’s kitchen area with upgraded devices, and also a wet club.

She initially listed the house for $599,000 at the start of the entire year. In March, the price was reduced by her to $574,900. She had purchased the invest 2013 for $447,017.

Meri’s off-market house

Robyn’s household had been sold for $603,000

Robyn Brown sold her house for $603,000 about a thirty days after it went in the marketplace in mid-january. It absolutely was detailed for $619,900. The Browns purchased the spot in 2012 for $445,039, so that the family members saw a good return on their investment.

Maybe it absolutely was the yard that set her five-bedroom home apart. The grounds prov >

Christine’s household continues to be readily available for $574,990

Needless to say, it didn’t assist that she ended up being contending up against the other spouses in identical community that is gated comparable houses and comparable (or reduced) rates.

Just like the other people’ homes, Christine’s floor plan features a dramatic foyer, formal family area, updated cabinetry, and a “great” garden.

She purchased your home in 2012 for $443,315, so she will still make money on the very discounted sale if she gets her current list price.

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