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When artificial intelligence (AI) became a scorching matter in 2012, it was ultimately possible to switch the concept of pinpointing plants with higher accuracy into reality.

Denken, an iOS application developer himself, resolved to seem for associates who specialize in a variety of unique locations when he discovered about the g0v grant. Jointly with Fumin, a classmate in college that performs at Google DeepMind, Prada, an Android application developer, Rulu, who also specializes in AI, and designer Wanyu, they fashioned a team to develop Intelligent Flower Atlas. AI will make plant >The principle of plant identification is not a new plan. significantly indications at In the previous, the Modern society of Wilderness in Taiwan had introduced an application that was related to what Clever Flower Atlas tries to achieve.

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At the time, aspect assessment was the dominating technology: first identifying the shape of leaves and inflorescence and then comparing with options provided by botanists. However, accuracy was reduced.

The winter shrub bush identification

Now, with the assist of AI, though it is challenging to know the requirements the computer utilizes to determine vegetation, accuracy amount has shot up to above ninety % from about 60 or 70 per cent. Nowadays, most crops can effortlessly be recognized with the application. However, does it signify that AI is going to put botanists out of career? Denken claimed that several individuals do not know how computer system performs and oppose to AI technology, fearing that computer is likely to change human. Rulu reassured us that, however AI technologies has manufactured substantial progress on pattern recognition, “and characteristic examination is no for a longer time desired, we nonetheless want botanists to explain to us which plant is which.

“Another job that also employs AI to recognize bouquets is the Flower Recognition application formulated by Microsoft (China). The most important discrepancies among Smart Flower Atlas and Flower Recognition is that the previous is an open up resource task. Anyone is welcomed to make use of and to take part in the challenge.

Denken has frequently participated in the Convention for Open up Supply Coders, People and Promoters (COSCUP) over the years, and developing an open up resource challenge just built excellent sense to him. Only by remaining an open source task can Sensible Flower Atlas really know its goal of marketing biology training and make the app accessible to everybody. The strategy of welcoming every person to use and take part in the challenge also echoes the pattern of democratizing AI – another crucial contribution of the job.

Everyone can add to the open up source project. During numerous months of tough work, Denken had the option to meet up with extra people who also treatment about biology instruction when he attended hackathons and participated in the g0v community. He satisfied members of The Culture of Wilderness that have been devoted to biological conservation for many years, and built acquaintance with Lin Cheng-Tao, assistant professor at National Chiayi University that encourages the global mother nature app iNaturalist. Up coming, the group will look for collaboration options with other like-minded associates. When questioned about the foreseeable future of the venture, Denken mentioned he and his group customers are engineers Once the application is formulated, its upcoming is dependent on the reaction it gets.

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“The benefit of open resource is that as soon as we develop a software package, it is there for everyone to use,” he claimed. Denken and his group do not have designs for the task.

Neither do they fear about how it will play out. “The app will dwell as extensive as men and women use it. ” They believe that “they you should not require to be the hero that will make the app effective”.


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